A @angietheehood So my boyfriend and I have been having rap battle he ain't have to go off like that Think twice? I can think about it three ways I'm steady saying fuck you like ion want no three way Cross me while I'm spitting this heat is like I had three Ks You right imma do like Jesus and rise up after three days Bada bing bada bang boom By the time you finished writing this wrap I was in a tomb 'Think' twice about those last lines I know you said fuck it But just like when you shoot shots Yeen making buckets And let's not talk about knock outs When you always snore like you got knocked out School of bars is not for everyone because you must've dropped out You had me waiting for this mess after you clocked out? I know your split the Red Sea Part ass ain't talking If I were you I'd do like Jesus and start walkin You say you gonna blow what out?! Who what when? Man Fuck it Truck it Nantucket good bars must be the same as saying I love you back because you just duck it Imma get some heat for that bar sol might pluck it Talkin bout l miss my shots like I ain't get younow that's a BUCKET All I gotta do is throw it out You'll be knocked out in ten Seconds your heart racing You can't take no more Like I always say You don't want this no more Think twice? I can think about it iMessage 153K Retweets 574K Likes *Roll Credits by xSGAx MORE MEMES Meme






Rap battle



I Love You


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