911 on I stopped actively working with that company in May of 2018 Which reflecting back to that moment brings a lot of embarrassment failure and sadness to my heart I left my full time job that had great benefits and pay especially for someone who had no degree for the pursuit of making money with this new venture A lot of things happened upon quitting my real job that helped tank the ship that was life at that time that I won't go into right now Like I said I'm going to have to make an entry on this point of my life and things I learned at this stage another time So stay tuned A couple of other main reasons why I quit my old company -I didn't believe in myself -Although I loved the products and the quality of them the products were out of my price range making it hard for me to believe that other people would buy my products -I couldn't afford to pay the annual fee -I was embarrassed to tell my close family and friends in casual conversation about my ambitions with my company It was a lot easier to declare it to the world of social media but when it came to real Ti T 912 My dreamers heart started thinking back to all of the ambitionsI had Alongside of that I thought of all of my failures to some of these ambitions thus far One of them being direct sales I also thought back to one of the original reasons for joining direct sales-to prove that I could get to the top 2 % or whatever statistic is currently floating around out there about making it to the top of the company A big part of my why had been to prove to myself that I could make it to the top just because it was incredibly difficult Knowing my people pleasing self it would be nearly impossible in my brain A 2% chance seemed like a more accurate statistic of me getting to the top of the company versus being at the top 2 % As I stared out the window I realized once again for the millionth time that I wanted to do direct sales again But not just any company-one that fit specific criteria of mine Tale as old as time I came across my current company through a fellow beauty guide in my previous company It fell into my lap is what a lot of people say in direct sales Which is a good description because it feels like these opportunities present themselves to you at seasons in your life when you need some new journey to fall into your life 912 This company more so JUMPED INTO MY BRAIN through my ears and eyeballs and took up camp until it could whisper sweet nothings to my dreamers heart And that it did my friends It was only $20 to join with no website fees no annual fees no hidden fees Which a lot of companies claim that they don't have any fees but most of them do With signing up l'll automatically be able to make a 50% commission-which is UNHEARD OF! I felt like my last company had an amazing compensation plan Don't get me wrong I still think it's pretty great However with them and other companies I joined before the commission rank that you usually start out with is about 20% Some other huge perks Ground floor opportunity- this company has only been in the US for about ten months The price point for the quality of the product is AMAZING! We're talking pricing comparable to drugstore makeup but with much better quality of ingredients-Europeans beauty standards worthy literally Also cruelty free as well as being produced in an ecological environment This point alone was a huge seller I already knew Stitch +hat Lwould nicl +hoco boautu Friend's wife leaves job with benefits to become MLM millionaire fails in embarrassment hopes to recognize dream with new company Selections from a blog Meme


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