4G 51% 740 PM 1I Tweet Greg Linares @Laughing_Mantis 17h Let me get this straight All of you just installed a photo app from China that requires these permissions? Let me know how it works out Meitu Meitu Metu Inc Metu Inc Free Free Camers take pictures and videos s and identity W-Fi connection information ts of your USB storage e the contents of your USB storage view weFi connections Device D& call infomation read phone status and identty s of your USB storage the condects of your usB storage Other cally add additional ea more updates to Metu may automatically ad additiona cacablites within each group Leam more Close 1 2453 2253 FourOctets @FourOctets 17h @Laughing_Mantis lol no Reply to Greg Linares aS one of those caes th 4G 51% 740 PM t Tweet FourOctets@FourOctets 17h @Laughing_Mantis I do have it on a lab device it has not done anything yet 36 Greg Linares @Laughing Mantis 17h @FourOctets i got $50 on black for this one t1 43 FourOctets @FourOctets 17h @Laughing_Mantis and there goes the devices a IMIE across the network and off to China 29 84 Greg Linares @Laughing Mantis 17h @FourOctets not even surprised - def capture that t4 29 Reply to Greg Linares d prefen S ane ol those rdte th SEM DUO rd preten S one of those deal-mates th 4G 51% 740 PM 1I Tweet FourOctets @FourOctets 16h @Laughing_Mantis I had my doubts but guess what! Destination 11017319636 124243219159 426212041 IMEI 4297e 219 190 Michael Stahre @MichaelStahre 11h @FourOctets @Laughing_Mantis What can they do with people's IMEIS? Why do they want them? t6 Reply to Greg Linares dear l those Greg Linares @Laughing_Mantis @MichaelStahre @FourOctets it's a unique id and a starting point for someone to clone your phone and intercept your calls and sms 759 AM 19 Jan 17 57 RETWEETS 116 LIKES Mutes th Mas one a V penis-hilton zedrin-maybe nyarcissism just a heads up that Meitu app people are using to add makeup and stuff to random photos collects private info about ur phone Just made a post about this app BEHOLD IT GETS WORSE Meme











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