4 74% 722 rConnecticut Posted by uAppletimeand bees 1h The women of Connecticut The need to CONSTANTLY bad mouth people you know is immature and replicates behaviour shown by children The constant need for approval shown by women when they post half naked photos onto social media replicated behaviour shown by children The need to dominate and exhibit that you are better more successful or more attractive than other women is a trait displayed by children Women behave like children and are incredibly entitled They believe they are above everyone else for one reason or another Such as social status wealth of attractiveness As a result they seek men who meet their standards The problem is women want it all They want a rich man with a great body and a huge dick Women think that just because they stand out with one trait attractive rich or smart that they deserve a man with all three This is why women whore themselves out during their 20's Once they're finished with their degenerate boyfriend with the huge cock they move onto someone they can exploit for money while they go fuck whoever is willing being their boyfriend's back Women are inferior creatures who act on impulse alone and are incapable of deeper thought Don't agree? Prove me otherwise I'll wait Share Vote BEST COMMENTS dirtsequence Now This is going on rniceguys Add a comment Posted on rConnecticut lol Meme

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