37% 645 PM f> TOP DEFINITION JoJo Is a young man with exceptional abilities and talent some times a true gentleman some times a charlatan and some times a high school kid but always has mega awesome powers like breathing really good or stopping time or he can smash a camera to take pictures far away His father figures usually dies or isn't around I guess??? JoJo's love traveling the world and they also love there weird small town and some times the fight rapist gorillas on boats and I think one was a girl maybe but still a JoJo right???? Don't ever play old Sega baseball games when 2 JoJo's are in the room and don't make them angry by making fun of their hair If the JoJo has a scarf he's best JoJo so far and his mom is a milf Also if your friends with a JoJo your probably going to die some times like a bunch of times in a row and it's usually pretty rough he also has a cool pet dog that fights eagles That eagle was evil as hell anyways JoJo is a parapaleg some JoJo have bad legs and love horses and talk to Jesus Mostly though JoJo kills vampires but he's shitty at it so they come back orjust float in space forever Lastly JoJo may have a friend nazi but that nazi was a good guy who died fighting naked runway model vampire so he gets into heaven JoJo goes on one CRAZY journey after another doesn't he??? I searched up Jojo in urban dictionary Meme




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