23 Elephant age reaching puberty in their middle4 gestation period of 22 months a si Baby elephants nurse for aroundp with their mother until puberty bulls are usually driven from in bachelor groups The elephant is the largest living land mammal in the world An elephant has large bones filled with sponge bone instead of marrow and pads on its feet that absorb the shock from its heavy weight Its ears are packed with blood vessels and are fanned to bring down body temperature Its thick skin is tender and an elephant rolls in the dust to protect it from the hot sun and insects Elephants love water and like to bathe daily spraying their bodies and each other with their trunks They drink nearly 40 gallons 151 D of water at a time and can eat as much as 500 pounds 227 kg of vegetation consisting of fruit branches grass and other foliage The elephant is a gentle animal but becomes extremely dangerous if angered They have extra- ordinary power in their trunks able to kill with a single blow With as many as 40000 muscles an elephant's trunk ends in a lobe or lip that functions like a finger allowing the elephant to pick up small objects An elephants tusks used for digging and ripping bark are actually large protruding incisor teeth that grow throughout the elephant's litetime Tusks do not grow back when lost How To Draw An Elephant Step One There are two kinds of African elephant and reports of a few ele the characteristic The elephanty lawfully kill endangeng extinctio Step Two Start by drawing a circle for the head and lines for the trunk Social animals that greet each other if they've bee apart elephants communicate by vocal sounds as trumpeting and purring Purring is controlle sounds in their stomach They usually purr w of sight of each other and if they stop pu sign of danger Elephants travel in small troops usua dominant female They can live up r Fill in the rest A true ROTFO for your viewing pleasure Shared in a homeschool group Meme











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