1223 226 227 261 262 Fr 263 Ra Ac Unq Unp Unh 7 87 Francium 89 104 Radium 105 Actinium 106 No catimg in the classrooms Food must be consumed in the hunchroom at all times Seniors only may cat outside the lunchroom at their designatod eanng ar Unnilquadium Unnilpentium Unnilhexium Water ouly may be consumed in the classroorm Backpacks must not be taken to classrooms and the fibrary They must be kept i or on top of student lockers Hats may not be worn in the sehool building Gum chewing is prohibited in both the school building and school grounds during school hours The use of mobile phones music players and clectronic games 1s rostncled to outside of the school building 'f' BLOCK 140 141 175 144 173 169 Lanthanide Elements 147 152 150 157 167 159 Се 166 162 Ce Pr Nd P Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu Но 58 59 60 Praseodymium Cerium 69 70 71 61 62 Promethium 63 Europlum G4 68 65 67 66 Neodymium Thulium Ytterbium Lutetium Erbium Samarium Gadolinium Holmium Terbium Dysprosium 232 Classnooms mUst be left clean and tidy 231 238 237 256 Actinides Elements 242 254 257 243 253 Th 247 254 247 251 Pa UNp Pu Am Cm BkCf Es Fm Md No Lr 90 91 92 Protactinium Thorium 93 Uranium 101 102 94 96 100 95 103 99 97 98 Neptunium Americium Plutonium Fermium Mendelevium Einsteinium Nobelium Lawrencium Curium Berkelium Californium nt think erstand ISF SCIENCE SAFETY Conduct yourself in a responsible manner nt all You are responsible for your safety and the cnas the safety of others 2 No student may work in the laberatory without not permitted in the science preparation room um by their teacher MMM YEAH IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY TURN IN YOUR HOMEWORK ON TIME JUST ANSWERED THAT QUESTION vof this gra Do not eat foed drink beverages or chrw gum in taste or smell any chemicals unless specificalty in 3 Ibelieve I'm Know the locations and operating procedures of the first aid Kit eyewash station safety shower a blanket 4 How to react in an emergeney Any person aware of suspicHous events te g the smell of sqoke or huning visible flames etc or any person in daniger must nol be taken ly panic or attempt any acts of heroism warn the teacher or member of staff'elosest hy as well as the receptionst so that the evacuation energency team may be waned only in very serious cases and without puttsng at risk your own physical safety should anyone intervene using the available means och as fire extinguishers and doing so only ater nformins the reception or an Follow all written and verbal instructions carefalt precautions Perform only those experiments aut 6 Safety glasses must be warn by students when inst tied back and dangling jew ellery and loose or hage Shoes sbould have low heels completely cever the heels or flip flops Laberatory coats should hbe wor to do so relatively aware ot it Guys! Donitlet this Cvacuation team member only in an extreme emergency immediately activate the fire alr THATD BE GREAT evolve into a huge argument 7 Observe good housekeeping practices Werk areas tidy at all times Keep aisles clear LESS THAN A MINUTE AGO 8 Handle all living organisms used in a laboratory ace Preserved biological materials are to be treated wit properly Keep hands away from face eyes mouth chemicals or preserved specimens You maY meed t and water after performing experiments The ISP Oetto evecitinn team is Bue Ylanaaka gund Oor anta the Aula lage itinary nad caletera Martia Suad ncience lab area THE BELL DOESN'T DISMISS YOU Jason Blachstone itewer and 2 Door erina Poul Cook 1w loor bninine oice and mse Tone of the evacuotion non a fonchng o elass on es nd dsor or at want closw by o as to aloe the ewction i Poceure is fanctioning ae oel as ran he closs u be A e or to6 ar th ers to chock ht er e p Exercise extreme caution when using a gRS barner clothing and hands are kept at a safe distaace freem Icave a lit burner unattended Never leave auvthing visibly reacting unattended Always turn the burne in use 9 The evscuatiwo ufety placo asbly patnt is the UPER PLAY AREA above ch g io Qu evacuatin the ballding IF YA WANTED A GRADE ell students shosld adally tisteo to and follow the instnsctions given y tnr etasa teacbin ave quicdy and in an ordesly manner not take anything hom their lnckers or traD coat gs mot nin sreea push uthers or hoid back the not se thel oell phones ine up ty class with heir close tracher 10 Dispose of all chemical waste property following the Never mix chemicals in sink drains Sinks are to he IF YOU DONT STUDY all elnas teachers should close sll doors and windows io the classrio take theer clans attendaoe registerwith the 1eke claisatteudoor dhee at the snnbly point eny other pegple should heave the truildng followi the sidety sigs and oc ther way to the asomity pain those solutions designated by the teacher materials from the laboratory area Never rem Natify the teacher immediately of any ensafe comdine Rep ccidents or injury to the teacher immed Toe evacuarion procedure in as folbouns 2nd noer Classes in rooma 13 14 sod 15 and teachers in the toree whd ebkr beir wy dows 1e wy to Uhe enund foor and once there they shonuld eait through the daor thet Jnad onho the cer p Clanses should non lelt to head townds the assemby point b Clase in reens 11 12 ert studio 16 and 17 should head don Ohe nearty stairway te the grind foor Cnce at the bottom they stuutd narn left toa edt the tulicingg thringh the Halian gedem euk Prom there they should bead o she mmy pent let Aoor Claae in res &6 7 anu 8 people in th b s oflee o ue de er eb y to Ja the baildng ad on eitig thes ehould iuna let r f c Ding beal townds the sty point b Clanses in the eomputer lab oms 9 nd 10 ad edordtnatere shoult es thr bulding y the adjacen sairwy and eaft the buding through he tatian girdeu exit rom there they eheud e towards Che assembty puin Ground ner Amy stoents cases to the fcallan gardea honch room roo 1D and wuls gstdd es the tunlding through the main entne to the eeseptm area and head e asmb pint Other arsan a Clases in the aeiemow lahs ohoutt te eseir an bealidual lab exitn right and hrad e the anbly pint An student or teacher in tbe threry shsuld exit the tbry tass the di g rghr h owards the assembly poh Arry stolentr incher lo a bathroom shoulit edlately leae a in the aoetalty poin d People in the meananioe ofmices hould exst Oe buslng s the externad iy the ed o Schout's ofee e Tbe receptimist ld Kanl eutale the mt em e redy to close the ep entanoe docws ohnn ihs d lo o s by the evaction E onlet P lnatruct he han a claas at the ASS and inm tim to leep a stades theee Tar the foculty nip-n stet the sdeent wign-mat sheet and also a t ef eil odets Beyano Thete are e oha aclaneand onthe fintoo Minimum requirements for p results in graphs Science grades 9 and 10 YOU SHALL NOT PASS! YA SHOULDA PUT YA NAME ON IT ODISMISS YOU In all your science classes a graph must aie Descriptive title be specific e 8 Measured I'm a female Fe Iron Male Man concentration of acid WHEN MY TEACHER ASKS FOR PARTICIPANTS Labels on both axes physical quantity+ unit Escige ws bteess r eva pedem Sr all an longth ef e eia oo ed eun or alib ws ol IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION Chty tbe ellason of o Cm theo-dimenai es seg al poi eiewed eot d the hcy de oor ide he esins cess The independent variabie on the horizontal a w hot b re varieble on the vertical axis m conn bsed s vwippiets 4 AU matoah ese Rr deno ed trer c g m eungiing velas in e euai e So ore anes the sle Bom-obtib rw cove wches boes las h se ge tets sh Seatos on both axes numbers proportionaly & tinping an pias an by aed m hovs to bve the odieue es eesy otad Sevuity Data points visibly plotted in the correct pos tor ore points not values Line or curve of best fit not from point te boin Therefore I am Iron Man RAISE YOUR HAND IVOLUNTEER! F EVACUATION PROCEDURE IN AN EMERGENCY 5afety rulea Art Exhibition CLASSROOM RULES Idk why my teacher decided to have them in black and white Meme





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