10 hrs ALLOD S POTATRIOTSUNITECOM Pelosi Diverts $24 Billion From Social Security To Cover Impeachment Costs 8 11 Comments 2 Shares Like Share Commen She is insane Like Reply 2h httpswwwsnopescompelosi- impeachment-social No she didn't SNOPESCOM Did Pelosi Divert $24 Billion from Social Security to Cover Impeachment Costs? Like Reply Remove Preview- 1h please do your research look at who owns what George Soros owns most of the news broadcasting systems so it's all tainted and slanted the way he wants people to see things and even snoops is owned by George Soros you cannot count on it being accurate it's all slanted Reply 1h George Soros is one of the most evil men on this Earth Like Reply 1h View 4 more replies That had better not be true! 1 Like Reply 1h I absolutely refuse to deal with such confrontational behavior and attitude that does not know what it's talking about You believe all the wrong stuff and I won't let you put it in my face Love Aunt Like Reply 1h Do you know what happens when we avoid conversation debate and discussion out of fear of confrontation? We imprison each other and ourselves in our own echo chambers where the only information we receive already agrees with our already existing biases I think it's hearing opinions that differ from your own so l can see how you could mistake my comments as having attitude If you think however that I have no idea what I'm talking about or that everything believe is wrong but that you have everything figured out I'm afraid you're only further imprisoning yourself in the confines of your own ego rather clear that you're not used to You share a lot of posts on Facebook and a lot of those posts contain information that is simply not factual This post is one of those This website for example is literal satire If you visit the site the word satire is plastered everywhere The 'about us' describes the page as is clearly satirical showing two MAGA hat wearing potatoes saying dumb phrases like I pooped a little If you only read the headline which caused you to share it I can see how you might miss all of these signs If you think that you're immune to being wrong I'm sorry to tell you that this is a prime example of how you're wrong spage being satire The image at the top of the site I would implore you to take all information you receive from the internet with a grain of salt Always be skeptical of information you take from an online source Look into the origins of the site that you received it from fact check the information and look at how it's being reported by a variety of sources The last thing we need right now is more ill-informed people taking news from dubious sources I would also like to apologize if my comments came off as being confrontational contrarian or otherwise disrespectful Like I said before you share a lot of posts That's a lot of individual circumstances where I had a thought that I wanted to share A lot of times I can just scroll past keep my thoughts to myself and ignore the post However being bombarded with these posts I quickly decided that if you were willing to share so much of surely you'd be willing to have someone else share theirs I meant no disrespect and only wanted to start conversations or respectful debates These things are necessary as previously mentioned to keep each other thinking about ideas that we either hadn't thought about before or that contradict our own ideas your opinion Do not mistake our differences of opinion as being any more than that Because I do not agree with you does not mean that I do not like you Of course I hope you the best Looking forward to when next we meet Crazy aunt keeps sharing false information unfriends me for pointing out that it's wrong Meme











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