1040 O a1 82% Inbox 6 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW FOR FALL CLOSING Stay in the know!! 1 24 Hour Quiet hours begin at 1159pm on Friday December 6th in all residential areas WOW STUDYING IS A LOT EASIER WHEN EVERYONE RESPECTS QUIET HOURS makeamemeorg Please be respectful of your community members and acknowledge their right to study and prepare for finals ina quiet environment During this period noise should be kept at a minimum and should not be heard outside of individual rooms If someone's noise is distracting you please ask them to turn it down or contact your CA or the CA on duty if it persists 2 You need to clean your space prior to departing for break PASSING HEALTH &SAFETIES CLEANING YOUR ROOM imgflipcom Trash should be removed floors should be swept and furniture should be wiped down Don't forget to double check that you did not leave any items behind in the room as you will not have access to your room until halls reopen on Sunday January 19th 2020 3 You will need to defrost your fridge FORGOT TO DEFROST YOUR FRIDGE? YOU'RE A MONSTER! makeamemeorg Make sure to remove all items from the fridge unplug it and leave a towel at the bottom to collect moisture prior to departing It is important to leave the door cracked open to prevent mold from growing over the break 4 Health & safety checks will occur after the building closes You should pass your health & safety inspection CHANGE MY MIND imgfepcom These checks will be similar to previous checks by staff this semester Staff will ensure that policies are being followed as well as verifying that windows are closed shades are drawn and ALL electronics are unplugged 5 If you need to stay over break fill out the application ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY STAY OVERBREAK WITHOUT FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION imgflipcom You have received an email from Residential Life about the Winter Early Spring housing application Be sure to fill out the form if you are looking to stay in the hall over the break period 6 You need to depart from the building by Saturday December 14th at 1000 AM 24 Hours after your last final IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT armgf pcom Staff will be checking rooms to ensure that all residents have departed and to complete the Health & Safety inspections Anyone remaining in the building at this time without prior approval will be asked to leave If you need to stay in the hall past the closing time be sure to fill out the extension request in advance here My college's email about our winter closing Meme











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