0134 %D2158 02-UK e Today 2128 Congratulations on matching with Tom please select your response Cheesy pick up line 2 Interesting fact 3 an honest compliment 4 Start a text RPG 4 You leave your cabin the woods with little more than the clothes on you back a small bag and your simple steel dagger you see 3 paths in from of you 1 The path into the woods 2 The path down to the river 3 The path up the mountain The path follows the river until it gets to an old decrepit wooden bridge You decide to 1 chance crossing the bridge 2 Continue down the path 3 Stop to fish & You stand in the water and stab your sword randomly into the river The fish do not seem impressed As you contimplate your life descisions you hear footsteps in the water behind you run away 2 Turn around and draw your sword 3 Dive into the water Without looking you dive straight into the deeper parts of the river It's much colder than you expected and youre swept away by the strong current You just manage to surface and keep your head above water 1 Swim towards the Riverbank 2 Accept your fate 1 You manage to get to the edge of the bank and grab onto a rock you use the last of your strength to pull yourself out of the freezing river your frostbitten limbs barely working You lay face down on the grass by the river as you slowly loose conciousness and everything fades to black when you wake up you hear the sound of horse shoes clopping and the sound of wooden wheels hitting rocks When your eyes start working agian you see that your in the back of a horse drawn wagon You see a man sat opposite you in handcuffs with long blonde hair and a messy beard He notices you're awake and says Hey you you're finally awake You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us and that thief over there Meme











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