0 Men an women are not never have been and never will be equals Discussion Men and Women are biological opposites and therefore not possibly equals I do believe in equal rights ofc But if youre telling me that I'm supposed to pretend that your average woman can match the average man's strength Or that your average man can a womans detailed memory youre just out of your mind Of course there are a few exceptions but the keyword there is few Please tell me why I should be forced to hire a woman to do what is an extremely physical job and then pay her the same amount when shes basically go- ing to have to take a male out of his assigned area just to help her do what he could easily have done for her Please tell me why I should have to hire a male secretary when they have been historical idiots when it comes to organizing notes and keeping up with things Yes I know I'm included Thats why i don't do it myself We've also concluded that consumers WANT to talk toa woman on the phone by probing for feedback while not directly asking Men and women play equally important roles and are equally important parts of this life But they are not equals and forcing people to pretend they are is biologically retarded ShareAward 13k 35k BEST COMMENTS mortsdans 4h S 1 Award men --women false menvalue == womenvalue true Add a comment Always that one programmer in the comments Meme







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