<p><a href=httpnoelleiantumblrcompost169002539157calleo-bogleech-raw-fed-pets-faofox class=tumblr_blog>noelleian<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpcalleotumblrcompost168968744159bogleech-raw-fed-pets-faofox class=tumblr_blog>calleo<a><p><blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpbogleechtumblrcompost93450647663>bogleech<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpraw-fed-petstumblrcompost90406730386>raw-fed-pets<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpfaofoxtumblrcompost90404102112>faofox<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpraw-fed-petstumblrcompost90389499204>raw-fed-pets<a><p> <blockquote> <p>All dogs share the same basic digestive system despite the range of physical variations and attitudes across different breeds Every dog is designed to eat a raw animal-based diet from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane Breed-specific dog food brands are simply a marketing gimmick aimed at playing on the pet owner’s emotions and their desire to feed their pet the best possible diet<p> <blockquote> <p>I don’t think that dogs need an animal-based diet If done right they can be vegan and not contribute to the murdering of innocent animals We’ve adapted and domesticated them enough to do so They’ve evolved to live without meat just like us<p> <blockquote> <p>200% incorrect Vegan diets are carbohydrate-based Carbohydrates are inflammatory feed cancer glucose contribute to periodontal disease leading to systemic organ failure eg heart cause insulin spikes leading to a multitude of other issues in the long-term thyroid liver diabetes heart disease and also cause pancreatic problems due to extreme stress on the pancreas secreting heavy loads of carb enzymes over a long period of time The low moisture content coupled with high <em>plant<em> protein may also cause renal failure in the long term The preservatives used may also be linked to cancer BHA BHT etc and these diets also skew the omega36 ratio causing further inflammation linked to cancer again They cause urine alkalinity leading to urinary problems such as crystals blockages and UTI’s<p> <p>Brief into to dog anatomyphysiology<p> <p>- Stomach PH Their highly acidic stomach is designed for eliminating harmful bacteria and breaking down bone into a gel-like substance Humans have a much more alkaline stomach acid which is why we would struggle to digest raw bone<p> <p>-Digestive Enzymes Higher level of proteases to break down animal protein High bile load to help push through bacteria<p> <p>-Dental Anatomy Sharp pointed teeth designed for ripping and tearing flesh and bonesDogs do not chew their food as we do they are wired to swallow chunks quickly as a basic survival instinct<p> <p>-Jaws Dogs also have strong jaws that physically <strong>cannot<strong> move sideways like your own can This sideways grinding action is a feature that allows pre-digestion of plant material Again dogs rip off chunks and swallow them whole<p> <p>-Lack of Salivary Amylase Omnivores have this for pre-digestion of carbohydrates Dogs and cats do not The canine pancreas secretes amylase as a backup however this does not mean they <em>should<em> be fed a high carbohydrate diet every day for a lifetime Processed food incl vegan is 40-70% carbohydrate<p> <p>-Lysozyme Instead of amylase dogs have lysozyme in their saliva which is an antibacterial This may be useful for destroying any harmful bacteria in carrionrotten foodfeces as well as wound cleaning<p> <p>-Gut length The canine gut is short in length which is because flesh must be pushed through quickly It does not need to sit and ferment as this could allow bacteria to multiply to harmful levels Note that plant eating animals have a long digestive tract and even multiple stomach chambers in order for plant material to be slowly broken down by the necessary enzymes<p> <p>-Nutrient profiles Dogs have 0% biological requirement for carbohydrates They gain every single essential nutrient from a prey based diet such as Whole PreyPrey Model Vegan diets are full of processed lab-made vitamins and minerals Many vitamin pre-mixes are made in china and shipped to the country of manufacture<p> <p>All in all dogs will <em>survive<em> on a high carbohydrate diet but it will cause systemic effects eventually Similar to smoking a junk food diet affects every dog differently and some may be affected more severely than others and in different time spans You can also expect high vet fees in the form of dental cleanings dental surgeries and various health problem later on in life<p> <p>It is not recommended that you feed your pet the equivalent of a big mac for the entirety of its life This is essentially what kibble and vegan diets are Evolution has changed the appearance and even the behaviour of your dog but their digestive system is still geared towards meat <strong>Basically you are paying money to have a company slowly kill your pet from the inside out <br><strong><p> <p><strong>010 Not Recommended<strong><p> <blockquote> <p>Hard science here for anyone who needs to shut down a “vegan pet owner” It’s abuse Feed your animal the substances they evolved to eat or do not own an animal it’s as simple as that<p> <blockquote> <p>Vegan dog and cat owners who try to force their pets to be vegan are absolute trash and should be dragged as hard as possible for their dangerously bad beliefs<p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblelog href=httpstmblrcom6yjzgQMTLlgckIf5tMtRUA>@faofox<a> Don’t ever get a dog Please And if you have one find a new home for it before you wind up killing it<p><blockquote> <p>It is absolutely moronic to feed your carnivorous pets a vegan diet Don’t you dare call yourself someone concerned with animal rights if you support starving an animal to death<p> Meme



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