<p><a href=httpbussanut-industriestumblrcompost155736450635onesideisgreatness-magistrate-of-mediocrity class=tumblr_blog>bussanut-industries<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a href=httponesideisgreatnesstumblrcompost155685793380magistrate-of-mediocrity-tryingkind-of-is class=tumblr_blog>onesideisgreatness<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a href=httpmagistrate-of-mediocritytumblrcompost155583538122tryingkind-of-is-this-a-renaissance-painting class=tumblr_blog>magistrate-of-mediocrity<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a href=httptrying--kind-oftumblrcompost155581244166is-this-a-renaissance-painting class=tumblr_blog>trying–kind-of<a><p> <blockquote><p>is this a renaissance painting?<p><blockquote> <p>“Interrogation of the Zodiac Killer”<br>-The Ghost of Sandro Botticelli ca 2015<p> <blockquote> <p>So I slapped some mathematics on this picture and…<p> <figure class=tmblr-full data-orig-height=632 data-orig-width=885><img src=https78mediatumblrcoma4c31d14078ddadbe796cd0cd201422dtumblr_inline_ojl0dvExT71r8ytk5_540png data-orig-height=632 data-orig-width=885><figure><p>The red lines divide the picture into thirds They also mostly coincide with the doorway and Cruz’s right hand framing him nicely as the Main Character of this picture<p> <p>The green line was placed using the golden ratio the ratio between parts of the picture above it and below it is close enough to 11618 It also goes right under his chin and through some reporters’ hands or tools<p> <p>The purple lines are diagonals that are framing the reporters <i>really <i>nicely<p> <p>I’m pretty sure you could also do something clever with a circle and the yellow doorway behind him but I don’t have the patience to fiddle with that<p> <p>Basically this picture has the same “maths are <i>beautiful<i>” aesthetic as some well-known Renaissance paintings<br><p> <blockquote> <figure class=tmblr-full data-orig-height=1015 data-orig-width=1324><img src=https78mediatumblrcomabf6fcab562d02ebc695c3c8403ec766tumblr_inline_ojn199Yo6c1s44kfy_540jpg data-orig-height=1015 data-orig-width=1324><figure><p>i couldnt help but make some adjustments in photoshop…<p> <blockquote> Meme





Zodiac Killer






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